Temperature Control

Autodialer Temperature Solution

Temperature Solution
using an autodialer

PROBLEM: High temperature is critical to a Computer Room at a beverage center.

SOLUTION: Raco Autodialer and Temperature sensors.

TROPICANA CORPORATION operates a large distribution facility in Jersey City, New Jersey. This facility distributes juice and other beverages in all states in the North East USA as well as all Canadian Provinces. In the center of this massive facility sits the technology center. This center is the brain of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System that is fully integrated with this state of the art fully automated warehouse.
The technology center houses numerous servers and work stations which are critical to the implementation and control of these systems.
This equipment is temperature sensitive.
TROPICANA has chosen a RACO® Guard-it® along with temperature sensors to monitor temperature in this facility.
In the event of a high level alarm, personnel are notified and are able to respond quickly to rectify the situation.


Autodialer Security Solution

Security Solution using an autodialer

If you are currently interested in improving the security at your facilities, you may be thinking about adding a security system with Central Station Monitoring.


AUTODIALERS-USA has saved our customers thousands of dollars in monthly monitoring fees while still providing them with top notch security.


By combining the ADEMCO Security product line with Raco® Autodialers our customers have benefited from all the features available in a dedicated security system including motion detectors, glass breakage, keypad security and fire detection, etc. The ADEMCO Vista Series security panels can be equipped with outputs. Outputs can then be activated based on security or fire alarms.


Linking these alarms to a RACO® Verbatim® or Catalyst® autodialer enables the customer to receive notifications regarding the status of operational, as well as security or fire alarms, without having to pay a manned central monitoring monthly fee.


In addition the Verbatim® and Catalyst® are equipped with “Alarm Call Grouping” which simply allows the user to program the dialer to notify different groups of people for different alarms.


Call 1-888-292-1481 for ADEMCO Security Panel and RACO® Autodialer Details.

Level Monitoring

Autodialer Level Solution

Level Monitoring Solution
using an autodialer and Maestro

EZ Inexpensive Pump Control and SCADA

Problem- Old pump control system with mechanical problems and a town with limited budget.

Solution- Maestro Pump Controller retrofitted into existing system at a small price.

Rockwell Township owns and operates a waste water pumping station. The pump control panel has operated well over the last twenty years however, lately has been experiencing mechanical difficulties. Thirty year old technology using springs, bellows and mercury switches along with a bubbler system, measures the level of waste water in a tank. Mercury switches attached to those springs and bellows activate pumps.
Rockwell Township was satisfied with the operations of their newly refurbished bubbler system however was dissatisfied with constantly having to make adjustments to he bellows and springs. Over time these parts had worn and had allowed start and stop points to drift regularly.
Rockwell Township chose the Maestro pump controller to be retrofitted into their existing system. By tapping into the existing bubbler air pressure line the Maestro along with a pressure transducer provides accurate start and stop points along with high and low alarms to a Raco® Guard-It® Autodialer. The Maestro also offered the operators automatic alternation capabilities along with a screen which indicates pump station status.
Installation was relatively simple in that the existing system could be left in place and that the new system required minimal wiring.
Rockwell also appreciated that in the future they have the ability to view their Maestro at a remote computer utilizing an existing dial up telephone line.

See the Maestro Pump Controller data sheet and call 1-888-292-1481 for details

Gas Monitoring

Remote High Gas Level Alarms?

Problem- Large national gas production facility requires notification of remote high gas level alarms with ability to to disarm system remotely.

Solution- Catalyst® Autodialer with Alarmware® software

A large national gas production facility was in search of a notification system for multiple groupings of remote gas detection devices. These installed Draeger Gas detection devices were wired to Modbus speaking PLC's. The operators of the facility required that they be able to arm and disarm the notification system or disarm single register points within the PLC, all from a PC or touch tone phone. The Catalyst®, with the ability to monitor 256 Modbus register points had more than enough capacity to monitor the gas detection alarm points. Using windows based Alarmware operators are able to connect to their Catalysts® in remote locations via a standard landline phone. Within seconds of going "online" with the Catalyst® multiple alarm points can be armed or disarmed simultaneously. In addition the Catalysts'® built in data logging capability logs selectable events and faxes operators a daily report of gas levels, alarms and configuration changes.

Call 1-888-292-1481 for more details.

Data Logging Database

Remote Well Pump Tests?

Testing And Accurate Data Collection With AlarmWare®?

Problem- Remote wells need pump tests with accurate and frequent data collection.

Solution- RACO® Catalyst® with Alarmware®

The city of Blair, Pennsylvania required all of their 15 wells to be pump tested. Each test required that the well be allowed to sit idle for a 48 hour period and then pumped continuously for 48 hours. A data logging device was needed to monitor the level and flow during these periods and then for an additional 48 hours after the run sequence to guage the wells recovery rate. Blair's existing Scada system uses radio communications to relay level and flow information back to a master /computer however the radio polls were too infrequent for a satisfactory pump test. Blair Township chose a Raco® Catalyst® to be installed at each site for the duration of each test. Flow and level readings were taken for a one week period at which time a technician would download the data to a log file using Alarmware® . The towns engineering firm could then easily import this data into a database software package such as MS Access or even MS Excel for graphing and reporting purposes.

Call 1-888-292-1481 for more details.